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Transformers Grimlock Plush is ready to cuddle

Grimlock, otherwise known as the king of the Dinobots, is a good robot on the Autobots side. However, his natural emotional and mental outlook is much closer to the Decepticons. Grimlock values strength and power over compassion and wisdom. Even more, he doesn't even get along with most of the Autobots. Whenever he is faced with a challenge, he chooses the violent response, including eating enemies, tearing them with his hands, or using his sword. He certainly has his flaws, and if given a chance, would even take over as Autobots leader.

Grimlock is the leader of a powerful, small strike squad known as Dinobots. Grimlock is durable, strong, and one of the only Transformers who can go against Megatron and Optimus Prime to create an actual challenge for them. While he is one of the most powerful warriors to go against, Grimlock still respects Optimus Primes' leadership and strength, especially since he was the reason he was freed as a prisoner and in some continuities created by the Autobots.

Facts You Might Not Have Known About Grimlock and His Dinobots

  • WheelJack and Ratchet built the original Dinobots: While many stories speak of the Dinobots' origin, they were initially created by WheelJack and Ratchet on planet earth. They found some dinosaur bones around the Autobots base, the Ark, and got the idea to build Dinobots. They Dinobots were not as intelligent as the other Autobots and raged out of control, which is why they destroyed part of the Ark as soon as they were turned on.

  • Grimlock was never chosen as the king; he crowned himself: There was no voting who would become the Dinobots leader. Grimlock knew he was the strongest and most powerful of the group and declared himself the leader of the Dinobots.

  • Grimlock and the Dinobots thought they were real dinosaurs: The Dinobots never thought they were actual Transformers, even once they joined the Autobots. Grimlock and his entire team believed they were real dinosaurs. Due to their insistence, the Autobots brought the Dinobots crew to the jungle so that they could live their lives in their natural habitat as dinosaurs. However, Grimlock accidentally transformed and realized he was, in fact, a transformer.

  • Optimus Prime wanted Grimlock, along with the rest of the Dinobots, destroyed: When the original Dinobots ruined the Autobots base known as the Ark, Optimus Prime told WheelJack and Ratchet to destroy their creations. Grimlock and his crew did not like to follow the rules, and Optimus does not like Autobots who go against his rules. However, WheelJack and Ratchet delayed destroying the Dinobots, which was good because the Decepticons launched a sneak attack and captured all Autobots, except for WheelJack. WheelJack then worked to upgrade the Dinobots and helped convince them to save the Autobots from the Decepticons.

Join the fun today by picking up a Transformers Grimlock plush from our store at Symbiote Studios.

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