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Facts You Might Not Know About Starscream

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Our Transformers Starscream plush is here and we thought it would be a good time to discuss the feared Decepticon. Air Commander Starscream is considered one of the deadliest Decepticon Seeker jets. He’s well known for his limitless ambition and his pride around the Cybertron War Academy. Starscream believes in his heart that Megatron, who is a Deception leader, does not deserve the title of command over himself.

However, as much as he tries to take away the position from Megaton, his schemes are constantly exposed, as he always shoots for easy schemes that are not well thought out instead of going for a bigger, well-done plan. He’s even tried to take control over the Decepticons, but as usual, he is too arrogant to realize when he’s not doing well and loses control of the entire situation.

Despite his ongoing issues, Starscream believes that success will eventually be on his side and that his destiny is undeniable. He knows that he will win this battle and achieve all his goals for power and control. His attitude is the reason why his life force can never be killed or destroyed, and he doesn’t even need a body to keep it contained.

Facts You Might Have Not Known About Starscream

Starscream was almost called Ulchtar: The creators had initially considered calling him that name, but compared to the strong name of Starscream, it sounds very anti-climatic. Starscream fits his personality better, especially when you break it down.

He Possessed a Girl: Fans around the world who love Starscream are confident that he can’t die. Not when he has an indestructible life-force, which allows him to possess anything he wished or anyone he wanted. He’s possessed robots, and machinery, and even a girl. In one issue of Kiss Players, he possessed a young girl but quickly failed because he couldn’t figure out how to button her pants.

He failed against Rainbow Dash: The miniature Pegasus pony, known as Rainbow dash, had once defeated Starscream. A fight was once released between the two on Screw Attack. While Starscream obviously has the advantage with his heavy artillery and pure size, Rainbow Dash was still able to beat him. Her weather manipulation abilities and karate background helped her win after turning Starscreams own missiles around and shot them back at Starscream. When he came back into a life force form, she ate him to finish him off.

He Wasn’t Always a Decepticon: Starscream has always had a close relationship with the Decepticons, for as long as transformers have been popular. However, many forget that he did not start as a part of that group. Originally Starscream lived on the planet Cybertron and was a politician in Marvel Comics. However, in the animated series, his first profession was a scientist. If you throw Dreamwave comics in the mix, he was fighting on the planet Cybertron as a gladiator. He has played many professions in various locations, but one true fact remains consistent. He was not first a Decepticon. At first, he was just a Cybertronian.

He Was Able to Defeat a Member of Team Prime: Starscream always has his finger on the trigger, always ready to go, and can be a bit relentless. This was especially true during the series of Transformers Prime. It was explained in that series that he was the only member of the Deceptions to defeat and permanently kill someone from Team Prime. Usually, a character never dies forever, but since Starscream brags so much about killing Cliff jumper, the Team Prime member, he never came back on the show.

He’s Killed the Most in the G1 Series: The G1 series never frequently mentioned death and did not show much fighting because it was a series that was specifically created for younger children. However, in that particular series, Starscream ordered multiple characters to be shoved off Astrotrain and into outerspace, which gave him the highest kill count of any transformer in the G1 series.

He Died in A Transformers Movie: Back in the mid-1980s, Transformers: The Movie: was released into theaters. They included everyone’s favorite characters in the show, including villains and heroes. However, many were killed off at once in the movie. Not only Starscream but Optimus Prime, Wheeljack, Prowl and numerous others were killed. They killed off so many characters to create more toys based on the newer characters introduced in the movie.

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