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All about Overcooked

If you enjoy cooking and love games that stimulate your mind, Overcooked is the perfect game for you to try playing. The overcooked game by Team 17/Ghost Town Games was released in 2016 and is available on multiple platforms, including the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows.

The idea behind the game is to control the different chefs in the kitchen to prepare meals for customers while dodging various obstacles, all while making sure you complete everything before the time limit expires. This game is loved by many people and was even nominated for multiple awards for being the Best Family Game and Best British Game.

How Do You Play the Game?

Players of the game become chefs in a very busy and crowded kitchen. The idea is to prepare dishes with various ingredients, cook the food ordered by customers, serve the food once it's completed, and clean up the table so your next guest can place an order. However, this process is done under a time limit, and if you can't finish the number of orders required for each round, you'll end not earning the number of coins you need.

During each round, you're presented with an order that must be completed in a certain period of time. Each of the four chefs must help each other in order to make each meal before the given time is up. However, you're not just focusing on one meal at a time. Instead, you'll find multiple orders filled with different types of ingredients presented to you at one time. This requires each of the chefs to work together quickly to delegate tasks and communicate to ensure all orders are completed.

Once the round is over, your score is calculated and earns you a certain number of coins. With every order you have completed correctly, you'll end up making coins. If you finished faster than the time limit allowed, you'll even get bonuses for your speed. However, the orders that are not served correctly, whether that be due to time constraints or a mess-up in the kitchen, will not receive any coins and instead will end up wasting your precious game time. The goal is to try to receive as many points as possible within one gameplay. Based on the number of coins you end up earning, you'll receive a star rating based on a 3-star system.

During each level, the layout of your kitchen will change to make it more difficult for your team. The dishes, serving windows, stoves, prep areas, and the area that holds ingredients are all separated into different spots in the kitchen during each round. It ends up taking a significant amount of time to get from one area to the next. Besides the layout being different, each round will contain other challenges or obstacles. There are more than 30 different kitchens in the Overcooked game, including a final difficult boss level.

How Many Players Can Participate?

The idea behind the game was to allow up to four players to participate in the gameplay at one time. However, Overcooked also gives the option of playing as a single player. This mode allows you to switch between operating multiple chefs to try to play two characters at once. There is also an option that will enable you to be competitive with other players. This version of the game has you competing against other chefs in the round to score the most points in a limited time frame.

How Can I Win the Overcooked Game?

If you're new to this game, you might be wondering how you can do well and beat all the levels. The game is challenging and will test your ability to handle multiple issues at one time. As you go through the ranks, you'll be faced with more complex challenges. These challenges will only increase as you progress. If you're wondering how to play your best in the Overcooked Game, follow our tips to dominate the kitchen!

  • Delegate Your Tasks: Remember that each level is set up to have challenges and obstacles, so each person on the team must have a singular focus instead of running over each other's toes. Make sure that everyone has a specific role they're going to play during the game so that you can execute an easy, efficient game.

  • Talk To Each Other: During the game, you have multiple other players running around trying to help you complete the level. You might run into additional obstacles or issues that force you to switch roles or priorities mid-game. Make sure that you're communicating with your team to ensure everyone is on the same page and so that any last-minute decisions can be easily made.

  • Try Again: If you've played around and didn't like how you scored, you have the opportunity to try again and receive more coins and stars. Not only will this help you get more practice for future levels, but it will help you keep a three-star rating on each level.

  • Fix Hard Issues First: Instead of focusing on more straightforward recipes, try to tackle the harder ones first. These are typically labeled as red or orange recipes. However, you can't solely focus on one order at one time, or you'll end up getting a poor rating on the level.

  • Prep During Downtime: You might find little bits of time during your rounds where you're not doing a million tasks at once. Instead of waiting for another customer to arrive, take the time to get as many things prepped as possible to ensure you're ready for the next rush. You can do things like cleaning up the tables, using all the pots, or prepping extra rice or veggies. Thinking ahead and trying to make sure you're prepared for the rush will help you conquer each level!

The Overcooked Characters

While the game is incredible, the characters are even more enjoyable. Each character has distinct features and personality traits. The harder you work at the game, the more players you can end up unlocking. Here are some of the top overcooked characters you might recognize from the game.

1. Overcooked Cat Chef

If you want to play a character who is serious when they're in the kitchen, the Overcooked Cat Chef plays the perfect role. He's ready to take on any type of issue in the kitchen, whether it's a simple issue or a big catastrophe. While the overcooked cat chef looks angry, he actually has a heart of gold and is loyal to his kitchen chef crew.

2. Overcooked Onion King

The overcooked onion king is the dedicated ruler of the Onion Kingdom. The onion king is always seen with his loyal companion, known as his Dog, Kevin. He can even understand what Kevin is saying to him and will sometimes fill you in on what's happening. The Onion king is a little silly and not always the bravest of characters, but his fun personality makes up for it. The best part of the Overcooked Onion king is his silly dance whenever he wins or is celebrating a victory.

3. Overcooked Kevin The Dog

What is a king without their loyal companions? The Overcooked Kevin the Dog character is the loving companion of The Onion King. He's always there for him, regardless of the silly situations the king might find himself in. However, while he is cute and tiny in size, he is one of the most intelligent characters in the game. He's always able to get the job done and expects you to do the same.

4. Overcooked Ghost Chef

This spooky little chef is a simple character that has almost no facial features. The overcooked ghost chef has glowing yellow eyes and soft blue skin, making her one of the most unique characters you can have in the kitchen. The chef doesn't speak much but is one of the quickest and fastest characters in the kitchen due to her supernatural powers. She's the perfect accompaniment to running a well-maintained kitchen.

5. Overcooked Unicorn Chef

If you're looking for the most fabulous chefs on the market, you'll need to check out the fantastic and perfect Overcooked Unicorn Chef. Not only does the Unicorn chef show confidence with everything they do, but they also work hard in the kitchen. You can count on the Unicorn Chef to help get you through the rough times with their magical powers and funky hair-do.

6. Overcooked Ever Peckish Boss

If you want to finish the Overcooked game, you'll need to stand up to one fierce monster. Ever Peckish is a humongous beast who is extremely hungry. He needs copious amounts of food to feel satisfied, and if he's still hungry, he might even end up taking a bite of you!

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