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Propeller Rat Plush

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Shovel Knight Propeller Rat plush is made with high quality soft minky fabric. Ages 4 and up. Officially licensed from Yacht Club Games.

Character: Squeak SQUEAK!!! With a miniature Propeller Pack strapped to its back, the Propeller Rat majestically hovers, spanning from the Valley of Dawn to the magenta skies of Pridemoor! It’d be wise not to underestimate these airborne adversaries. The inquisitive and intelligent mammals are capable of operating rudimentary tools like scissors, engines, and even light explosives. In their downtime, hardworking Propeller Rats can sometimes be seen patronizing Creech’s Juice Bar in the Tower of Fate. They occupy the airspace in games such as Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove, Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon, and Shovel Knight Dig.

Pros: Tiny, Loyal, Indifferent
Cons: Peculiar Scent, Poor Manners, Shedding
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