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Power Rangers: Black Ranger Pin

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Power Rangers: Black Ranger Pin. Licensed by Hasbro.

Black Ranger
Zack Taylor is a kid in love with life. He's everybody's friend and lights up a room when he enters it. He's also a kid with a good heart and a boundless supply of energy. He's fast talking and has the ability to disarm adversaries with a quick smile and a smooth line. Zack's passion in life is music and dance. He loves all kinds of music, from Handle to Hip Hop, and can dance to anything. He's also an accomplished gymnast, a skill that he combines with dancing and marital arts to form a style he calls Hip-Hop Kido.
Zack uses his intelligence to balance Jason's gung-ho style. Though he's courageous, he will often serve as the voice of caution when a situation is unclear or dangerous. Intuition is the guide of Zack's life: he often acts on hunches and instinct.
Quick Stats
Ranger Power: Mastadon
Arsenal: Power Axe, Blade Blaster
Zords: Mastadon DinoZord
Gear: Power Morpher (with Power Coin), Wrist Communicator

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Characters and events referenced here are fictional and are not intended to depict actual characters and events. Power Rangers, the logo and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission. © 2022 Hasbro. All rights reserved. Licensed by Hasbro. © 2022 Symbiote Studios LLC.

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