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Catnip Bravo: Catnip Bravo and Friends Tote

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Product Details

Catnip Bravo™ and Friends Tote Bag. The perfect bag to reuse over and over again for books or groceries. Reusing tote bags can help save the Earth. Catnip Bravo is a loyal friend to all. He loves hanging out with friends, Kabao Bear, SB Bunny and Firecracker Raccoon while enjoying boba tea. The true love of Catnip Bravo's life is eating burritos and lying in the sun on a warm day. Catnip Bravo is a true friend that you can always count on.

Shipping Info:

Ships direct from our warehouse in the United States. Please allow 7 days for standard delivery. International delivery time varies based on customs clearance.


Catnip Bravo, the logo and all related characters are trademarks of Symbiote Studios. © 2022 Symbiote Studios LLC. All rights reserved.

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