We Craft Amazing Toys for your Business!


We are an American Toy Manufacturer.

We work with you to bring your brand to life

as toys and collectibles for your fans.

Skyrim Toys Manufactured by Symbiote Studios
Vinyl Toys


We make quality custom toys. Some of the most popular toys in the world are made from vinyl and plastic. Our PVC and Vinyl toys show the highest quality of detail and excellence due to our use of machine and hand painting.


Backpack Clips


We make any style and size backpack clips and phone plush clips. Limited edition plush clips collectors crave at profit margins you will love.



We make all types of cute plush toys. Plushies are one of the most purchased items in the world. Fans highly desire our detailed and durable plushies.

Transformer Plush Toys Manufactured by Symbiote Studios

We specialize in plush, vinyl, and plastic for products sold in retail, trade shows, and more.

Through a simple, fast process, we handle the design, manufacturing, and shipping for you.

We guarantee to deliver the quality you expect.