Resin and Polystone Statues.

When consumers think quality collectibles they think Resin and Polystone statues and figurines. Our Resin and Polystone statues are works of art that will stay with collectors for a life time. The amount of detail in one of our resin statues is jaw dropping and the benefits of low run sizes and high margin make them a choice among retailers.



No two projects are the same.

We handle the simplest projects to the most complex. The total processing time from start to shipment depends on many factors and is generally 12 to 21 weeks.




Flexible Quantities. We can handle whatever quantities you desire. We recommend a minimum run size of 500 units for resin statues.




We offer all-inclusive product pricing. The final price depends on the level of detail, paint colors, parts, and size. We will quote you a single price that includes everything except freight.


How much will it cost?


No two projects are the same. Some projects are more complex than others, while some are very basic. The total cost of a project depends on:


* Character Design. More advanced designs take more time to replicate accurately.

* Figure Size. The bigger the statue the more hours of sculpting are needed in it's creation.

*Paint: How many colors are used. How complex is the paint design.

* Packaging: Size and shape of the packaging.

* Quantity: Amount of units produced.


Estimated Budget for 8 inch Resin Statue.


Per Unit: Most 8 inch Resin Statues with packaging cost between $17 to $30 based on an order of at least 500 units. Costs can go lower depending on the quantity ordered.


Setup Costs: One time prototyping costs are charged in addition to the per unit cost.  Prototype price is usually $2,000, but can vary slightly based on detail. Many factories also charge seperately for molds used to make the toy, but we incude this in the per unit price. When you see a low price for production from one of our competitors, make sure to ask for mold cost.


Freight: We can handle shipping from our factory direct to your warehouse, store or customer. All freight is listed under your company name. Freight is an additional charge and depends on size and weight of units shipped. If you have a freight company you prefer we can also schedule pick up from them at our factory.


What's the Minimum Order for Resin and Polystone statues?


Resin and Polystone Statues and Figurines have minimum order size of 500 units. This is the best option for those companies looking to test the market.

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