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Welcoming Optimus Prime, Bumblebee (and even Megatron) Plush Toys To The Symbiote Studios Family

Here at Symbiote Studios, we literally get to play with toys all day. And you know what? It IS as fun as it sounds.

And when you specialize in toy-making, you get very good at identifying all the zips, plush and tricks that make the good ones truly great.

That's why we're so excited to 'roll out!' our range of official Hasbro Transformer plush toys. But don't mistake their soft exterior for weakness; we promise there's more than meets the eye with these squishy superheroes (and villains).

Are you team Autobots, or are you a devilish Decepticon? It's time to pick your side in the epic battle over the Allspark.

Choose from super-plush Optimus Prime, the fearless Autobot leader, who might only be 12-inches tall (as a plushy) but serves up wisdom and heroism far beyond his small frame.

Or cozy up with our Bumblebee plush, everyone's favorite black and yellow catchphrase-slinging superhero.

Or, do you see yourself as more of a Decepticon devotee? In that case, you'll sleep soundly with over our Soundwave plush, your comrade in signal-stealing hijinks.

For those who like their extraterrestrial robotic lifeforms super evil, our Megatron plush is perfect for outwitting your arch-nemeses in super squishy style.

So, when it comes to saving the world one toy at a time, we've got the best Transformers plushies than this side of Cybertron. Check them all out at

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