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Power Rangers: Blue Ranger Pin

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Power Rangers: Bue Ranger Pin. Licensed by Hasbro.

Blue Ranger
Billy Cranston is an ultra-intelligent kid who at times has trouble communicating with his peers. Though considered a nerd by many, Billy is a sweet, good-hearted, super-genius who has focused entirely on academics. He often speaks in technobabble, using complicated language that only Trini seems to understand.
Billy is fascinated by the world around him and has a deep need to know how everything works. His hobby is learning, and he wants to learn about everything from sub-atomic particles to the Big Bang. In spite of his intelligence, Billy is shy and reserved, except when he's with his fellow Power Rangers. It's with them that he feels at home and free to be himself.
Quick Stats
Ranger Power: Triceratops
Arsenal: Power Staff, Blade Blaster
Zords: Triceratops DinoZord
Gear: Power Morpher (with Power Coin), Wrist Communicator

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